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Commercial Painting, Flooring, and Specialty Services in Baltimore, MD

Painters painting in Baltimore, MD

PAINTech Commercial Painting, Flooring, and Specialty Services in Baltimore, Maryland

Along with making a great first impression on customers, visitors, and prospective tenants, professional painting, flooring, and all around facility upkeep is good for company safety, productivity, and morale.

Commercial Painting, Flooring, and Specialty Services in Baltimore, Maryland

Commercial Painting

PAINTech is your Baltimore, MD, business painting expert, and we have decades of experience in commercial interior and exterior painting.

Commercial interior painting requires an expert who knows the building and its precise needs. At PAINTech, we consider the following:

  • Your office’s or facility’s style.

  • Proper application and pre-application depending on the building’s environment.

  • The perfect strategy to implement these painting upgrades to the facility without causing downtime or disruption to daily operations.

During commercial exterior painting, we will:

  • Properly and safely power wash your building before painting, ensuring all surrounding areas and landscaping are protected.

  • Locate and fix areas where there is potential or existing damage and moisture intrusion.

  • Paint at optimal times and seasons, so the paint grips the walls properly, allowing it to last longer, saving you money.

  • Set up proper safety precautions throughout the parking lot and work area so that customers and employees are always aware of areas to avoid.

Commercial Flooring

Proper floor coatings and maintenance ensure safety and cleanliness so that your employees, clients, and guests are safe from slips and falls. PAINTech offers the following commercial floor coatings:

  • Epoxy Floor Coatings: Durable, safe, easy to clean, aesthetically pleasing surface.

  • Concrete Polishing: Giving an easy to clean finish, non-slip safe surface.

  • Specialty Floor Coatings: Urethane flooring, concrete waterproofing, and chemical resistant coatings.

Commercial Specialty Services

PAINTech provides the following specialty services to your commercial facility:

We provide these services for numerous clients across Baltimore, MD, in the following industries:

  • Apartment and condo complexes

  • Retail centers and shopping malls

  • Office buildings and corporate headquarters

  • Manufacturing facilities and industrial sites

  • Warehouse and truck terminals

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