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PAINTech Caulking Services

As a general contractor or facility manager, you understand that finding a company that offers a commercial caulking package as part of their commercial painting and maintenance services saves time and money, allowing you and your team to get back to work and keep production running.

Instead of adding labor costs by hiring a painter to paint, a caulker to caulk, and so on, you can hire one subcontractor with the expertise to do both and more.

Why Work with PAINTech for Commercial Caulking

Recently, there has been an increased need for caulking contractors and we are pleased to be able to offer caulking in addition to the other finish trade services that we offer.

Commercial facilities need regular caulking services to maintain their integrity. Windows, doors, and anywhere else susceptible to moisture issues need special attention.

These are the types of caulking we offer:

  • New construction caulking

  • Re-caulking exterior and interior panels

  • Before interior and exterior warehouse re-paints

  • And more

When you work with PAINTech for your caulking needs, you work with a contractor who will know the ins and outs of your entire facility. Instead of onboarding multiple contractors and going through the same process again and again wasting valuable time, PAINTech can offer the same expertise in caulking that we do in all areas of facility maintenance.

PAINTech is known for our repeat customers for this exact reason. We understand the areas that need special attention with caulking and moisture mitigation.

We will offer caulking installation and repairs as part of a new or existing proposal to your commercial facility.

The Importance of Commercial Caulking Packages

On average, over 80% of warehouse caulking takes place on concrete panels, floors, windows, and doors. When you run a busy warehouse or commercial facility with fleets of trucks moving in and out with cargo, or countless employees doing their job or using heavy machinery, it’s essential that your caulking contractor respects your time and operations by getting the job done on time without stopping your day to day tasks.

PAINTech will work around your schedule and operations to keep your business running smoothly. Whether you need interior or exterior caulking services, we will ensure:

  • The utmost safety standards are met for your team and ours

  • We remain on budget and schedule

  • That we won't disrupt operations

What Takes Place During Commercial Caulking?

PAINTech caulks the following types of buildings:

  • Apartments - multi-family

  • Commercial facilities

  • Warehouses

  • Retirement communities/assisted living facilities

  • Hospitality buildings

  • New construction

Because all of these buildings have constant foot and/or equipment traffic, it’s imperative that we do our job while staying out of the way of everyone else’s.

We accomplish this by properly scheduling the project and working as a team. Here are the key features to our successful commercial caulking projects:

  • Communication with the tenant, general contractor, or owner of the warehouse or commercial facility.

  • Coordinate 60-80 inch lifts and equipment traffic.

  • Only taking on about 20 ft by 40 ft of building at a time. This allows us to only take up so much room while remaining on schedule.

Work with PAINTech!

Oftentimes, during re-paints or re-branding, caulking is also top of mind. Whether you have a new construction or are looking to upgrade your building’s integrity, PAINTech can help with your commercial caulking.

Contact us today to get started on your commercial caulking services and a long-term partnership with the team at PAINTech.

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