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Every successful painting project is built on a foundation of surface preparation. If these early stages are not handled carefully, you will inevitably compromise the longevity and value of the paint job.

When it comes to cleaning and prepping metal, sandblasting is an ideal way to help create a healthy foundation for fresh finishes.

What to Know About Sandblasting Services

A Closer Look at the Sandblasting Process

In short, sandblasting is the process of shooting a high-pressure stream of sand at a corroded or dirty surface. While it’s not the only media that can be used, sand is a tried-and-true option that quickly strips away rust, dirt, grease, and remnants of older, failed coatings and paint.

This aggressive cleaning tactic leaves clean, fresh metal behind that is ready for priming and painting.

Our PAINTech team knows exactly how to navigate this process, protecting your property, the surrounding surfaces, and ensuring the best results possible.

Sandblasting service indoor
Sandblasted floor in the Main Line
Sand blasted building in the Main Line

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