Why Exterior Repairs Are Essential when Rebranding

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In a competitive market, businesses must constantly adapt to changes and customer demands. How customers perceive a company and their headquarters plays an important role in attracting potential new patrons. As a property manager for a commercial facility, you know when your building looks out of date or lackluster. A proper rebrand is a cost-effective and relatively simple way to start fresh with a current customer base and attract new clients.

When rebranding a commercial facility, exterior repairs are some of the most necessary changes since the outside of your facility is the face of your company. Here is how working with experienced professionals will ensure your exterior upgrades enhance curb appeal for your business.

The Best Exterior Repairs for Rebranding

Power Washing

Prior to a new coat of paint, it’s essential to power wash your facility. Calling in the professionals is highly recommended when power washing your building to avoid damage to your facility, landscaping, and people. They’ll also have access to professional and industrial-grade power washers.

Power washing mitigates contaminants that inhibit product adhesion, such as exterior paint. It also refreshes dirty surfaces, extends the life and health of exterior paint and coatings, and removes slick or dangerous residue. Working on a clean surface is essential to a quality, long-lasting exterior paint job.

Exterior Painting

After you’ve settled on a new direction for your brand, repainting the exterior is one of the first steps you’ll need to implement to get the right look. Commercial exterior painting services bring new vibrance to your building. When your facility hasn’t been painted or looks out-of-date, customers may assume the service you provide is of the same quality.

Paint is the barrier against extra moisture, energy loss, damaging UV rays, building decay, and more. A new coat of paint can save you time and money down the road from costly building maintenance caused by natural hazards. When you maintain the paint of your exterior, the fresh look of your building will last even longer, helping you protect your investment. If you’re unsure of what steps to take to ensure your building remains attractive to existing and future clients, a contractor can help you with color choices, prepping your commercial facility and providing the exterior painting services.

Work with PAINTech

Hiring a contractor to help you clean, repair, repaint, and prepare your building for a successful rebrand will protect your business’s identity, facility, and sustainability. PAINTech will work around your schedule to ensure the job gets done. Because we are a multiservice contractor, we are able to spot any other needed repairs while we’re at your facility so that we can implement them before they become catastrophic.

We are here to help you through the rebranding process with guidance and quality work. In addition to exterior painting and repairs, we offer other commercial painting services, including interior painting, textured coatings, multi-color finishes, faux finishes and flooring services. If you live in Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, and need exterior repairs and upgrades for your rebrand, contact us today for a complimentary quote.

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