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Top 5 Ways Working with Commercial Flooring Contractors Reduces Labor Costs

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Your people work hard, and so do your floors. Without proper maintenance and protection, your facility flooring will wear down, dragging down your entire operation with it. However, carving out time to care for your floors is easier said than done. After all, your people have other tasks to accomplish, and they all require regular use of your floors. That’s why it’s best to leave your flooring needs to the professionals. Here are five ways working with reliable commercial flooring contractors will reduce labor costs at your facility.

Five Ways Working with Commercial Flooring Contractors Reduces Labor Costs

1. Efficient Equipment and Expertise Make for Lighter Work

Commercial flooring maintenance and improvements are made easier with the use of specialized equipment and materials. And depending on the nature of a particular project, this equipment is often necessary. Concrete polishing, epoxy floor coatings, waterproofing, and other applications can only be accomplished with the right machinery, substances, and tools. Moreover, a certain level of expertise is required to perform these operations accurately and efficiently. Professional flooring contractors have access to the right technology and harbor the necessary skills to tackle various projects as efficiently as possible, keeping labor costs to a minimum.

2. The Right-Sized Team for Your Flooring Project

No two commercial floor projects are exactly alike. Details vary based on the floor’s size, construction, condition, and needs, as well as your facility’s unique operations. Whatever the case, you want your commercial flooring services to bring the optimal number of laborers to your site – too few workers will prolong the project and interfere with your schedule, while too many can create redundancies and cost you more than you anticipated. Working with a reputable flooring contractor with ample resources will ensure that you receive the right-sized team for your project.

3. Durable Floors Lead to Less Maintenance

The cost to hire flooring professionals for a given project isn’t the only type of labor cost to consider – the ongoing maintenance of your floors also requires labor. Whether your floor maintainer duties are outsourced or fall on your own workforce, the less there is to do in this regard, the more you’ll save over time. And the best way to reduce commercial floor maintenance requirements is to invest in durable, high-quality flooring from the start. Put simply, hiring commercial flooring contractors to thoroughly enhance and protect your facility flooring will reduce long-term maintenance labor costs.

4. Sturdy and Safe Flooring Increases Productivity

Cultivating a more productive workplace also reduces labor costs by trimming any redundancies and speeding up operations. Though there are many ways to boost productivity, taking good care of your floors is foundational (literally). When floors are visible, clean, sturdy, smooth, and slip-resistant, all personnel (whether on foot or operating machinery) can perform their duties more efficiently and with fewer incidents. Brighter flooring also boosts morale, which in turn increases workplace productivity. In these ways, hiring the best flooring contractors for your facility helps you save time and money day in and day out.

5. Enjoy Multiple Flooring Services Under One Roof

Facility flooring rarely requires just one type of service. For example, floors must be thoroughly inspected and cleaned prior to any coating application (epoxy, urethane, cement, MMA, etc.). Moreover, businesses must maintain and update far more than just their flooring over the years – projects like painting, caulking, window treatment, etc., all require periodic attention, too. Hiring different contractors for all these services can create an unnecessary cost burden (not to mention scheduling conflicts). It’s far cheaper (and more efficient) to seek commercial flooring companies that tackle multiple services under one roof, like PAINTech. Hiring us means only one walk-through, one onboarding process, and one point of contact for questions, concerns, and payment processing. On top of that, we get to know the ins and outs of our clients’ businesses, greatly reducing the time and effort required to plan and perform key tasks.

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