Top 3 Exterior Hazards to Look for as a Commercial Property Manager

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A commercial property manager is responsible for both the inside and outside of commercial properties. Since a client sees your building’s exterior before anything else, it is crucial to know what hazards to look for to ensure your commercial property is making the best first impression. The top three exterior hazards to look for can include reduced curb appeal, moisture intrusion, and other maintenance issues. Commercial property managers should learn about each of these items to ensure their property doesn’t experience any of these hazards.

Exterior Hazards to Look Out For

Reduced Curb Appeal

Many customers feel that if the exterior of a building is not up to par that the business itself may be questionable as well. Oftentimes, they feel as if the exterior reflects the interior and how the business operates.

If your commercial property lacks curb appeal, some exterior repairs you can do to freshen and liven it up include power washing and exterior painting. If you are planning to have exterior painting or repainting done, you will first want the exterior power washed.

Power washing helps to diminish contaminants that would inhibit paint adhesion. It also helps to ensure the paint lasts a long time and is considered a standard practice before any exterior painting. Working with a professional power washing team is ideal to reduce your liability of damaging your building and landscaping.

Moisture Intrusion

A common exterior hazard that cannot always be seen with the bare eye is moisture intrusion. Moisture intrusion can lead to mold or drafts in the building. This is where caulking can help.

Caulking effectively seals exterior gaps to avoid moisture, pest intrusion, and natural wear and tear that negatively impacts your building. Caulking may not be top of mind for everyone, but it should be routinely inspected and replaced to ensure it is doing an effective job over time.

Maintenance Issues

Exterior maintenance issues are often caused by UV rays, which are known to penetrate from the exterior of a property to the indoors, where they can fade furniture, wall coverings, and flooring. Proper window treatments and windows can help avoid this from occurring.

However exterior issues aren’t always aesthetic issues. They can include pest intrusion and wasted energy as a result from the gaps and holes in the exterior. For example, in a pest's search for food and water, they can occasionally end up inside your commercial facility from the exterior. They can leave behind nests, feces, chew through electrical, and ultimately cause all over building damage.

Energy loss occurs when exterior insulation, including roofing, windows, and doors, is improperly installed. Making sure your building is properly insulated can cut down on energy loss.

If you're not sure how to protect your exterior from these hazards, work with a multiservice contractor.

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