The Benefits of Wall Protection in Your Commercial Building

The Benefits of Wall Protection in Your Commercial Building

As a facility owner or property manager, you know your commercial walls take a lot of abuse due to the daily wear and tear from equipment running into them and employees moving around the space. But implementing wall protection is more than protecting the surface of your walls and interior painting.

Wall protections are aesthetically pleasing and can make a space more sanitary. They come in a variety of strengths and thickness. Finding a contractor that offers exactly what your facility needs is critical for getting the right protection, aesthetics, and sanitation you need. Here’s how.

Finding the Right Wall Protection for Your Facility

Whether you’re running a hospital, warehouse, or anything in between, your wall protection contractor will know exactly what you need in wall protection. Wall protection panels come in three levels of thickness. The thicker the wall protection, the more force it can absorb before anything gets to the wall itself causing severe damage.

If you are covering the walls of a warehouse full of heavy machinery and equipment, you will want heavy duty wall protection. For a building like a hospital where there are food carts, wheelchairs, stretchers, and people scuffing up walls, you and your contractor will determine what is best for each individual space. The entire facility doesn’t need the same thickness of wall protection and will vary space by space. There are also moderate and thin wall protection sheets or panels which are more applicable to areas with less equipment damage. Your contractor will determine what is right for your space so that you’re not overspending on your facility wall protection.

Wall Protection for Aesthetic Appeal

If you are rebranding or upgrading your business, wall protection is a great way to quickly enhance any commercial space without major overhauls and downtime. When your facility looks up-to-date and orderly, you’re telling your employees and customers that you care about how you present yourself. This instills trust in them that you know how to run a business and know what you’re doing.

Wall protections should also be installed by a contractor with specialty tools. When these tools are implemented, they are able to cut the wall protection exactly how you need them in your space. This allows for the exact aesthetic you want for the completed look. For example, if you don’t want a flat edge at the top of the protection to avoid dust collection, your contractor can assure its cut exactly how you prefer, always offering you an on-brand, polished look.

How Wall Protection Enhances Safety and Sanitation

If you run a hospital or other healthcare facility that requires extra sanitation measures, you must make sure every inch of the hospital is clean, including the walls. Wall protections can help mitigate dust and debris collection by the way they’re cut and installed. They are also easy to clean and maintain, always giving your rooms a fresh surface.

But dust and debris aren’t the only issues in commercial facilities. Mold and mildew can also lead to major sanitation issues and health problems. When unprotected drywall is damaged, moisture can get trapped in the wall. Over time, this causes mold and mildew to build and can be toxic for those breathing the air. When your business’s air quality suffers, so do your people. This could result in more employee time off and downtime, costing you more in labor costs. Luckily, working with the right contractor can help you avoid this extra hassle

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