Navigating Nor’easters: Keeping an Industrial Project On Track

Navigating Nor’easters: Keeping an Industrial Project On Track

One of our primary goals as an industrial and commercial painting company is to keep our projects rolling smoothly toward an on-time completion. This is never more essential than when we are working on new construction, coordinating closely with other trades and industry experts who are relying on our experience, expertise, and insight.

This experience and expertise also allow us to look for ways to best serve our clients, ensuring that the very best products, techniques, and services are paired with their specific needs.

As a recent example of what this trouble-shooting creativity can look like, I wanted to share a quick project spotlight.

Finding a Cost-Saving Alternative for Our Client’s Industrial Painting Needs

Paintech was recently contracted to complete interior and exterior painting for the new Patriot Warehouse in Bethlehem, PA, working alongside the fantastic team at Ironhill Construction. This expansive structure includes 250,000 sq ft of space, with a 50,000 sq ft fit-out that’s used as an office.

Navigating Nor’easters: Keeping an Industrial Project On Track

All was moving forward smoothly until Mother Nature decided to send us our recent Nor’easters.

Inclement weather is always a difficult curveball for a construction project, but especially so when paint and coatings are involved that require specific conditions to cure and adhere properly.

We collaborated with our creative partners at Sherwin-Williams, making a quick product change to accommodate the wild weather. Specifically, we switched from Ultra-Crete Solvent Acrylic to a ProBlock Latex Primer that can successfully cure in temperatures as low as 35.

This allowed us to get a jumpstart on the process, saving our client both time and money.

Stay Tuned for the Finished Product!

We’ll be wrapping up this project shortly, and I’ll shared finished photos then. In the meantime, I invite you to contact the Paintech team with any questions you might have.

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