Improving Your Commercial Exterior Painting Without Disruption to Business

Newly painted commercial exterior

As a property manager or business owner, you know that commercial exterior painting can cause work disruption to your business even though it is occurring on the outside of the facility. However, when you work with the right contractor, they will ensure the work gets done on time and without causing disruption or unnecessary facility downtime. This allows business owners to avoid days without production while also implementing needed repairs.

What to Know About Improving Commercial Exteriors

How and Why to Improve Your Commercial Exterior

Improving the commercial exterior of your facility is important because it is what makes the first impression on customers and employees. Having a quality paint job with no cracks or damage sets the tone for those entering your facility. The aesthetic of your building often portrays the quality of services you provide to your customers.

Additionally, paint is the first line of defense against moisture intrusion, energy loss, pests, UV rays, and premature decay. It provides surface protection and long-term value too. There are other exterior repair services that can help these issues, including maintenance painting, power washing, and waterproofing.

How to Prep for the Best Paint Job

Prior to maintenance painting or repairs, you must properly prepare your exterior surfaces. Power washing and other forms of surface preparation remove surface contaminants and provide a clean surface for the paint to adhere to. If the paint is unable to adhere to the surface, it will chip and crack shortly after the paint job.

If an exterior is coated with dirt and grime, those surface contaminants must be removed for the paint to stick to the surface for long periods of time to protect your investment. Surface preparation also reveals other issues, like moisture and pest intrusion, that may need to be tackled before you can paint. By taking care of the surfaces first, you will have a faster turnaround with the entire painting project, allowing you to get back to work to avoid downtime.

How to Implement Exterior Painting Without Disruption

Exterior painting has a different set of steps than interior painting and in many cases, has to be touched up more often since it’s exposed to the outdoor elements. Working around your business hours to implement exterior repaints is ideal but not always possible. A professional contractor will have the expertise to know the best practices and paints to last several years no matter what your climate brings. This saves you money and downtime in the long-run since exterior painting won’t need to occur as often.

Safety is also a key component in keeping your business up and running even if repaints must occur during business hours. An experienced contractor will be able to block off areas with the proper barriers and signage so that your customers and employees stay out of harm’s way. Commercial painting contractors often paint tall buildings where there is a risk of falling objects and debris. A reliable contractor will ensure your people are protected from such potential surface contaminants so that you can run business as usual without the stress of injury and liability.

Working with PAINTech to Avoid Business Downtime

When working with PAINTech, you can expect us to work around your schedule to get the job done effectively and without disruption to your business. We work on your schedule even if that means working weekends and nights. PAINTech prides itself on building collaborative relationships, focusing on quality, acting with integrity, fostering teamwork, and being responsive. If you are in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, or Virginia and want a complementary quote, contact us today.

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