How Working with PAINTech Will Allow You to Avoid Downtime when Making Improvements

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When making interior and exterior facility improvements, it’s challenging to avoid shut downs to operations. Even if you stop work for a short period of time, it will cost your business time and money. Luckily, working with an experienced multi-service contractor like PAINTech keeps you up and running while implementing updated maintenance and design.

Painters That Eliminate Downtime

Multi-Service Means Better Use of Your Time

Improving your facility with new and updated flooring, wall protection, interior/exterior painting, etc., is essential to keep your brand relevant and facility refreshed, sanitary, and up-to-code. But these upgrades are often avoided or pushed back because the facility can’t afford to shutdown while these services are implemented. Unfortunately, pushing these repairs aside leads to bigger problems in the long run, like water damage, cracked flooring, etc.

Setting yourself up for success and not a shutdown is essential. This is possible when you work with a multi-service contractor who works around your schedule. Multi-service contractors like PAINTech have the manpower to staff jobs at any hour on any day so that you can open your business daily without worrying about contractors running around getting in the way of operations during business hours.

Another benefit of a multi-service contractor is that they can mitigate future issues from happening in the first place. When in the field with one job, they will take note of other weak spots in the facility so that those areas can be serviced while they’re there or soon after. For example, if you hire PAINTech to install epoxy floor coatings, they may notice areas where moisture intrusion is affecting the exterior of your building. Instead of spending more time and money with another contractor, another onboarding process, and another walk-through, PAINTech will be able to mitigate the moisture intrusion with their fully staffed and experienced team at the same time your epoxy floor coatings are installed.

We Have the Experience

PAINTech handles all coordination of each service in a timely manner. Because we have over 20 years of experience, we can anticipate issues in any facility, how to work around the weather, how to staff a job, and the best time of day to implement certain improvements. This alleviates stress of the property managers and business owners who we work with. We coordinate each service with our people within the timeframe. We have tried and true processes that have led to our longevity and will enhance your building’s integrity and business’s success.

Our senior leadership teams set us apart from the competition, but it’s not just the people in the field that make PAINTech so special and able to please our many repeat customers. Our sales and operational teams also know exactly what services each client needs without overselling and staying on the client's budget.

Why Choose PAINTech

With our expertise, ability to work on your schedule, and willingness to get the job done right the first time, it’s clear that PAINTech ensures each customer is a top priority. We will work nights and weekends to guarantee your projects finish on time and are done correctly. If you are in the greater Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, or Northern Virginia areas, contact us today!

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