How Epoxy and Concrete Polish Coatings Protect Your Facility

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Your facility's flooring is the hardest working surface in your building. Machinery is constantly being moved across it, and employees and customers are always walking on it. This leaves it susceptible to damage if the proper flooring isn’t installed. An epoxy flooring or polish concrete flooring are great alternatives to other less safe and hard to maintain flooring options. When either of these flooring options are implemented, it is important to maintain them for safety and aesthetic reasons.

What to Know About Epoxy and Concrete Flooring

About Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floor coating is a common flooring option that can withstand exposure to chemicals, thermal shock, and is easy to clean. Epoxy flooring can save you time because of how low maintenance it is. A regular sweep and mop will typically do the trick aside from occasional deeper facility cleaning. It can be applied over many different surfaces such as wood, brick, or ceramic, not just concrete, making it ideal for almost any industrial facility, office space, or warehouse. Additionally, it comes in many different colors to match your building and brand's aesthetic and is completely customizable. Customizations can include speckled epoxy, metallic, or two-tone.

Most importantly, it is an extremely safe flooring option. Safety is always the top priority in any commercial facility, and epoxy coatings help to achieve a safe work environment for anyone on a warehouse floor. Epoxy coatings are slip-resistant, especially when combined with a specialized aggregate added to the coating to help enhance traction. This aggregate helps to mitigate small particles (or food in a kitchen area) to not get stuck in cracks or trapped on the floor. Because of its resistance to these hazards, spills, and other debris, the floor is armed against degradation.

Epoxy should be maintained to ensure it stays safe, compliant to building codes, and durable. It not only provides a safer work environment, but when it is maintained, it can help the floor last longer by being able to spot any damages and avoid them from turning into bigger, more costly issues. Epoxy maintenance should include daily sweeping, washing without chemicals weekly, and cleaning spills immediately. Cracks or disparities should be addressed as soon as possible, so they don’t become larger and cause major liability issues.

About Polish Concrete Flooring

Polish concrete flooring is a durable and cost-effective flooring solution. It is able to quickly transform dull surfaces into bright, vibrant surfaces. But it’s more than just good for aesthetic appeal and your wallet.

Polished concrete is a quick process with no cure time. This allows you and your people to get back to work with little to no downtime. After the treatment is applied, it leaves a dust-free, non-slip finish, keeping safety a top priority. Additionally, polished concrete is reflective and can help lower energy costs by maximizing overhead lighting. Polished concrete is low maintenance and helps to save you time from using a flooring option with a demanding cleaning schedule. It is easy to clean, and because it is sealed and smooth, dirt cannot collect, and bacteria cannot grow. This aids a sanitary and consistent work environment for your people, which will lead to a better culture overall.

How PAINTech Can Help

PAINTech installs epoxy and polished concrete floors in the industrial, commercial, pharmaceutical, food, and hospital industries. As a multiservice contractor, PAINTech can install these coatings in your commercial facility, maintain them, and help with other issues that may arise, even if they are not flooring-related.

We pride ourselves on not being a one-stop-shop and that we will be there through the installation process all the way through the maintenance process and for any other services you need. We are always here to give advice and maintenance assistance on projects we have worked on but also on other interior and exterior needs, such as painting or commercial wallcoverings. If we do not have the solution, we are always happy to provide suggestions to other trusted contractors.

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