Commercial Painting: What Improvements to Make to Your Business as You Reopen

Commercial Painting: What Improvements to Make to Your Business as You Reopen

The newfound work from home and digital dependence has shaped the future of how businesses are managed around the world. Technology has become even more essential in the business world, and as facility managers bring their employees back to work or add a larger employee base, technology is sure to remain a vital component of any modern facility. PAINTech uses the changing technology landscape to its advantage to better serve its customers.

Upgrading Your Process to Meet Customer Needs

Contractors and field employees are more equipped than ever to provide top-notch service to their customers. Companies are no longer limited to in-person company meetings to discuss next steps with a customer. Though meeting in-person with a customer before and during a project will always be essential, company onboarding on video platforms will reduce onboarding time and manpower. This opens businesses up to more flexibility in-house, which allows for better service on the front end to their clients. As you reopen your business, keep in mind how you too can use technology to better serve your customers and what new services you need to make your building come back to life after housing fewer staff members for so long.

Upgrading Your Facility

After finding a contractor that can work with you on your schedule, whether remotely or in-person, consider what upgrades your facility will need to safely reopen. In high-traffic facilities, many repairs can go unnoticed or even be rendered unnecessary until you have more bodies on-site. As a facility manager, safety is your number one concern. To ensure your people are working in the best conditions, it may be time for a new commercial epoxy floor coating. By working with an epoxy flooring company, you will reap the benefits of slip-resistant floors that are visually more apparent, allowing employees to work efficiently without any obstructions. Properly maintained commercial epoxy floor coatings can also mitigate future costs by reducing the amount of moisture that seeps into your concrete flooring. For warehouses with extra moisture and mildew problems, concrete waterproof coatings are a viable option to ensure that you keep your facility up to code and that it continues to run correctly without constant downtime due to repairs or accidents from hazardous flooring.

Working with a multi-service contractor is also a great way to save you time and money while enhancing your building's safety and sustainability. Working with such a contractor allows for one onboarding process instead of one per service. Ensuring your exterior and interior painting is up to date is another essential task before reopening. Ensuring your commercial interior painting is up to date is essential if you’d like to avoid rust and mildew. Once more employees are back in the building, it will be more difficult to implement these improvements.

Added curb appeal immediately shows your customers you care about your business and how you represent yourself, instilling trust in your base. As the workforce implements more technology and we are more visually stimulated by digital advances, your facility's exterior and first impression have become even more imperative.

Additionally, with the added technology that stemmed from our day-to-day life from COVID-19, it's essential to create incentives for employees to be on-site. By creating a safe, upgraded facility, you ensure employees return to a good work environment they're proud to be a part of. A good environment is essential to a good culture, which will reduce labor costs for you in the long-run when you see fewer sick days and less employee turnover.

PAINTech is proud to offer many services, from commercial painting to commercial flooring, and we use technology to all of our advantages. We will share the improvements we have made to navigate an updated remote workforce so that you can stay ahead of the curve while successfully reopening or adding employees back to your facility. We pride ourselves on working around our clients’ schedules, including weekends and nights. If you are in Philadelphia, PA, or the surrounding areas, contact us today so we can help you upgrade as you re-open.

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