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Roller Shades

As a business owner, you have to create an environment that offers comfort for your customers but privacy to your employees. A simple but effective way to achieve this is through window treatments. While there are several options out there to choose from, roller shades are the popular go-to. Installing roller shades is worth the investment, as it can give you the best of both worlds.

At PAINTech, we have both the skill and knowledge to offer large-scale capabilities with a small business style. We can help you create an environment that both your customers and employees will appreciate.

What to Know About Roller Shades

From UV protection to their durability, it’s no surprise that roller window shades are being used commercially. When it comes to privacy, you can choose from moderate to complete privacy, allowing you the space you need while also providing an aesthetically pleasing area by controlling the amount of light that is let in. With modern window treatments such as roller shades, you can choose from a variety of textures, colors and patterns to fit your style, from simple and cozy to classy and elegant.

Benefits of Roller Shades

  • Flexibility

  • Durability

  • Light Filtering Options

  • Black Out Options

  • UV Protection

  • Variety of Colors, Textures, and Patterns

  • Low Maintenance

  • Energy Efficient

  • Keeps Spaces Cool

  • Easy to Raise and Lower

  • Inexpensive Compared to Other Options

When it comes to roller shade companies, the professionals at PAINTech are here to help throughout the Greater Philadelphia and Main Line area, Maryland, Delaware, and Northern Virginia. Contact us today for your roller shade installation estimate.

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