How to Present Your Brand with Commercial Wallcoverings

Restaurant with commercial wallcoverings

Making a good first impression is essential for every business, and it begins with the exterior of your facility. But the interior is just as important. When your customers, employees, and other guests enter your building or office, they are greeted with the interior, and it can set the stage for their impression of your brand. For a high-end, unique, and branded finish, commercial wallcoverings are an excellent option.

Here is how they can help you represent your brand and make your building and services memorable.

What to Know About Commercial Wallcoverings for Branding

How Are Commercial Wallcoverings Helpful?

Commercial wallcoverings are durable and built for high-traffic areas. They are scuff and tear resistant, and can hold up in busy areas where there is a lot of equipment and people. When a piece of equipment bangs into the wall, the wall remains protected because of the wallcovering.

After putting time, thought, and money into your brand, the last thing you want is for all of that to go to waste with a broken image due to a drab and worn interior. Wallcoverings can help reduce the look of wear and tear and your wallet and image will feel the benefits.

Why Branding?

Branding allows your company to make a memorable impression and distinguish yourself from the competition. Additionally, if you are rebranding or looking for a fresh new interior look, commercial wallcoverings are a simple way to update an outdated space and allow you to create a custom look inside your facility using your logo, brand colors, or verbiage related to your brand. You can choose from fabric, vinyl, or digital mural wallcoverings.

What Commercial Wallcovering Is Right for My Brand?

  • Fabric Wallcovering: When selecting a fabric wallcovering to present your brand, you can choose woven or nonwoven material to give the wall an appearance of natural textile. You can create nearly any design you would like out of the fabric. Fabric is a unique way to showcase your logo or create a design related to your brand.

  • Vinyl Wallcovering: A vinyl wallcovering is a decorative paper, fabric, or solid vinyl used to showcase your brand’s colors and logo. You can create custom art for your walls based on the concept, photo, or graphic material you would like to use. Use your imagination to create a truly unique space while keeping the integrity of your brand.

  • Digital Mural: A digital mural can present your brand in many different ways through different designs, ideas and colors. You can create an abstract design related to your brand or showcase your logo in a unique way. They can be as simple or as abstract as you would like. A digital mural can make the room standout and enhance your company culture by being a main focal point.

PAINTech Commercial Wallcovering Installers

How PAINTech Can Help with Commercial Wallcoverings

PAINTech professionals are around day and night to help provide recommendations and install your commercial wallcoverings. We will talk you through what will look best for your space and help you choose the ideal wallcovering. We will work around your schedule, including nights and weekends, to ensure we do not cause disruption to your employees or customers during the installation process. It is essential to use professionals for commercial wallcovering installations to ensure the project is a success.

has served a variety of industries with commercial wallcoverings, including hospitality, office buildings, libraries, country clubs, retirement communities, and more. If you are located in the greater Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, or Northern Virginia areas, contact PAINTech for a commercial wallcovering quote.

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