How Commercial Wallcoverings Save You Time and Money

Wallcovering in a commercial elevator

When you own or manage a commercial facility, saving time and money is critical. Commercial wallcoverings are a great option when you want to protect your building and business's sustainability while on a schedule and budget. They add beauty and value to interior commercial spaces without the heavy expense of major repairs and updates. Here is how commercial wallcoverings can upgrade your business.

What to Know About Commercial Wallcoverings

Benefits of Commercial Wallcoverings

Common wallcoverings include fabric, graphic vinyl wallcovering, digital murals, wall protection and specialty wallcoverings. They are widely used to protect a facility’s integrity, enhance the look of a commercial space, strengthen branding, create texture, or hide imperfections. They don’t need to be changed out often, making them a cost-effective alternative to painting that needs to be redone every few years, ultimately saving you both time and money.

Saving Time with Commercial Wallcoverings

The durability of commercial wallcoverings saves you time and money from future overhauls due to serious damages. You will also find that you won’t need to implement interior painting services as often.

Commercial spaces are susceptible to damage due to deliveries, cleaning products, or accidental roughness. With wallcoverings, you no longer need to worry about constant damage from daily wear and tear. Additionally, if you need an interior repaint, you no longer need to find matching paint years after your walls have been painted. Instead of mismatched paint colors you will have a seamless wallcovering.

Overall building maintenance is also reduced since wallcoverings can last up to 10 years with proper maintenance. In addition to the fact that they protect the integrity of your walls and what’s behind them, you won't have to waste your time with paint touch-ups, but rather simply maintain your current wallcovering. This is something a property manager is equipped to handle since you won’t need to repaint to ensure the wallcovering is kept relatively clean. Occasionally using warm water and a soft bristle brush to care for the surface will do the trick.

Wallcoverings are not always top of mind, but our installers can help you learn more about them and why your business needs them.

Work with PAINTech

At PAINTech, we specialize in wallcovering selection and application to make the process a seamless experience for our customers. Our commercial wallcovering installers are experienced in applying different coverings, so you know you are always in good hands. They have an eye for detail and branding to help you choose which wallcovering will best fit your space.

PAINTech is proud to offer a wide variety of services to create beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces. In addition to commercial wallcoverings, we offer commercial interior and exterior painting, floor coatings, and more. We work on your schedule to save you time and money. Our professionals will install beautiful wallcoverings to your building and treat each job as a top priority. If you own a commercial property in the greater Philadelphia area, contact us to learn more about all of the services that we offer.

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